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suzuki celerio specs

suzuki celerio specs

Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. Lot of body noise after some use. Further, Maruti may also deny further warranty stating you haven't serviced the car on time. If you can c***k a deal with the Maruti dealer you can get Celerio top variant for a good 5.3-5.5L range. Good car for beginners too. I use whatever popular oil I synthetics....and change it every year...or 6000km. Tiago seems to be the best choice in this segment or Grand I10. Celerio is an Ok car with the build quality not that great on the other side i10 has a good build quality. If one has no fascination for fsncy n bigger cars Celerio is not bad. In optional Zxi Mt, you will get Allow wheels, Airbags for both driver and passenger, ABS and Fog lamps, Celerio zxi MT best for you because it's amt is not good... OK. The stylish, elegant and comfortable new Celerio comes with utmost safety and security. Celerio petronas and cng is great in city.but fails in highway and hilly areas.wagonr has two engine options 2 ang 1.2 litres and a cng good highway performance with instability on city go for celario highways wagonr more power seekers also can go for wagon r thanks, Since wagon r is not updated in engine and gearbox celerio is better in overall. Yes, you will notice it when 4 people occupy the car and you r driving uphill. I have driven all 3 cars and Celerio has the best auto shift in all 3. Thanks. Mileage for Manual variant should be around 18-19kmpl and for AMT variant its 17kmpl. Is celerio cng with auto transmisson is available? You can follow some basic rules to enhance the fuel efficiency. The first major paid service costed me 5,516rs after 13000km(which is not bad as oil, oil filter, cabin air filter, intake filter, throttle body cleaning, replacing all spark plugs, wheel alignment and balancing, etc was done). Hi, WagonR is one of the oldest models from Maruti and has been tried and tested for many years. Yes but 1 din only in higher variants. Good for regular city drive and limited highway driving. There is no entertainment feature in this variant you can adjust 7 inch screen or simply player according to requirement, Yes dear it comes with both variants mannual or automatic and you can see 50000-60000 price variation in both variants. Go for a airbag atleast you are never safe in a Maruti tin car, Peaks,jamkash and Highland motors are best option having skill-full It rattles and squeaks on bad roads but is silent on good roads. It's ok in city with heavy traffic. Yes you can add a sequential kit if you want your per km cost to come down. Celerio vxi. My dad owns Zxi AMT, It's quite good for city driving. Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts, 31% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above. Please clear I want to Bye this car. less luggage please or no luggage in a cng, Zxi, It comes fully loaded with features and is a great car for City driving, Yes its a very nice car with many futures, i am using same CNG version it gives me in mumbai 25km on CNG my daily travel is 75 km and if i go to nashik or pune on highway it gives me 28-20 company claim 31 so i am fully satisfy, Yes, Celerio is a great car for City driving. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_specification,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_qna,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner. I like it for powerful engine and mileage, otherwise nothing great. Thank you! Maruti Suzuki claims 22 kmpl mileage which I feel is not at all possible. The Suzuki Celerio comes with the K10B a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that produces 67 hp and 90 Nm of torque. Well both the variants are similar in looks and engine performance. Both the cars Celerio and Santro are quite good and their top variants come fully loaded with features. Suzuki Celerio Features. Otherwise while running on highways with fully loaded was never a problem . The higher you spend the better the car features will be. No its up to you, it is just to give you 5 year's headeach free from any major fault of the car, Its not pure automatic. Hi Shivarama,Thank you for your response. These statistics are based on my usage of my car - Celerio VXI CNG - for the past four years:(1): Within the city - 27-28 Kmpl (2): Highway driving : Speed restricted at 100kmph : 30-32kmpl. Suzuki Celerio 2015-2019 review . You can also consider the Tiago for the same amount of money. The drive type and seating space are quite good in both the cars. Both are equally good... take a test ride and decide, Manual transmission is changing gears with hand while pressing the clutch. No.. not occurred any engine problems yet. WagonR also is a great car but it lacks that freshness that Celerio offers. Wagon R cng and celerio cng.30 plus its have a petrol option in can switch in between. Yes, Maruti Suzuki Celerio has AC and heater both in VXI varint. but New wagonR is now bigger in space than celerio. This is generally helpful in hill driving. abs.All the best sir.. Kelvin sorry for delyed response PL consider Ravi advise .around 50000/-extra you will get top end zxi, ZXI IS FULLY AUTOMATIC WHEREAS MT VERSION YOU HAVE TO SHIFT THE GEAR ONLY ACCORDING TO THE THE SPEED, THERE IS NO CLUTCH PADDLE. Yes silent ..great mileage 30plus kms per you can start on cng..s cng..automatic is also good.. .don't expect a big boot. The car is good for 4-adults and boot can carry some small office or luggage bags. For a better understanding of compatibility and riding comfort, we would suggest you to take a test ride. Yes you should use handbrake always.its more safer.. One can have it for life. Not auto gear system. The Celerio with its efficient dynamics is capable enough to provide a mileage of 23.1 kmpl under standard driving conditions. Plastic used is cheap, paint and build up bekar. Both belong to separate segments. POWER AND PICK UP IS LESS IN CNG VERSION BUT VERY ECONOMICAL IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING A LOT, Not sure but if u fit it from outside vendor ur engine warrenty ends. The Maruti Celerio has 1 Petrol Engine and 1 CNG Engine on offer. No, immediately contact your company service engineer, or the manager service this is the major problem they are responsible for the same. Tata has come up with good vehicles. I suggest you test drive both of them and then decide which works for you. In case if you like both these models streamline your decision in terms of budget . An no other problem ao far, Alto 800 good performance on City road , affordable.if needed boost to the performance Santro, Tiago , K10, Power windows,in built music system, rear wiper are present in zxi, while CNG dosent come in zxi model as far as i know. Only ZXI comes with music system. Enjoy the quick, vigorous drive, weight-reducing innovations to the engine unit, mounts, radiator and fuel tank, as … Something a little more stylish and classy…and I think the new Celerio fit the bill perfectly! Features. Thanks, Yes he will feel comfortable when he drive it, Drive at average speed of 60-80 KM/PH, do regular service, maintain proper air / nitrogen pressure in tyres. The lower version will differ a lot in terms of feature and specification from the upper version. Each trim has multiple variations and with this info, you can find the full details about the Suzuki Celerio Hatchback. system has more bass than Alto k10 and many more other features. if you want to go for santro, better you go for i10. Zxi coes with all features n lxi being base variant os lacking in features. Dear Sir, AMT means automatic transmission and MT means manual transmission, Amt means auto gear ,no clutch. Suzuki Celerio prices in UAE, specs and reviews for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman, with fuel economy, reliability problems and showroom phone numbers. I hsve only problem with weak body n poor Paint quality. Even tiago has bold style of u modify your celerio with mag and wheels it looks like sports car. New santro is o ly sn image of the old failed in safety test with low mileage.But wait for bios from hundai. Gear box is just moderately good, since it needs some getting used to, so it takes time, but once when you know how to use the gear box, it will be the fast car that you drive in this segment with that awesome maruthi engine . Although, you can have a look around for the car and see if it fits your needs. Wagon r has more boot space than celerio(Wagonr main diggi space zyada hai)Wagon R-341 litre spaceCelerio - 245 litre space, New wagonR me celerio 234 ltres h,wagonR 341 litres, Of course its more in celerio. Sunroof feature is not available in Maruti Celerio. There is no music system inbuilt as u have to arrange it from the market as per choice LED or simple music player, There is no music system in Vxi AMT variant. No beleno is better or we can say that comparison is wrong between both of them because bekend is a car of premium segment in hatchback.and celerio is a car of mid segment it can compare with wagon r ,sentro, tiago etc. Celerio for city wagor r for city ad well as straight .highways .celerio vibration and bad voice insulation makes it a high way hater.but revs good in city. Else, you will have to end up paying around 8-10k. there is lot of difference between my car and the car I drove(test). Totally recommended if you want to buy this for a small family or an old age driver. In petrol it gives 15/17 in city snd 21/25 on highway. I have been using my Celerio AMT for past 5 years and really enjoying the drives whether its plain highways or ghats. Pls visit the showrooms & take test drive to understand the drivability of both the cars. Hi, celerio is my companion mostly to commute in uber and Ola.Most prefer celerio for OLA cab.yes its per fect low torque ride in city is excellent. It is depend on your requirements. Suzuki has given its award-winning Celerio budget hatchback a visual update and buyers will be happy to know that pricing remains the same, starting from R136 900. I don't think so, there is no news like that and just now i mean last year they came out with new celerio model. Hi Rajendra!! Thanks, Dear Ragbhavendra..its an excellent car for city ride good mileage top vsrisnt costs above 5 lac..dont perform much on highways can make it up by extra cushioning of seats ..2 and gear too long it's a boon in city and bane in higheway especially overtaking..need to rev hard to make car stable ...some cabin noise if you don't down gear at the right is a down side.great 3p plus mileage in a cng version s-cng you can start on cng otr 6.30lac great maruti product...a commuter.thanks, Very good experience, very comfortable car with enough space and power for a small family. The car has the best Automatic gear shift in this price range. Krams its correct i feel 90% of reiwies on suzuki AMT are similar. But you may upgrade at time of buy. It gave me only 12 kmpl but had a very good buid and the engine never lacked power. “I wanted a small car ,but I definitely did not want a usual car. You'll get bored, the car really doesn't have much to offer, Celerio with all engine options automatic (auto gear shft) smooth engine cng option Great mileage .its the features are lacking or not upto the mark. Celerio overall is not a bad decision. If you are lokking for point to point travel with a little longer drive thrown in, yes. In short, please change the Air and Oil filter during every servicing. Both petrol and diesel, but since BS6 i coming in place, most diesels will be stopped, and it will be either petrol or electric or hybrid, According to budget grand i10 is costly then Celerio, according to look Grand i10 is good but heavy engine 1200 CC whereas Celerio comes under 1000 CC engine, Low CC engine gives more average per liter, whereas increase in CC gives low average, but good in performance. If you are looking for a fresh look in the new car that you want to buy then you should go for Celerio. I was driving celerio vxi amt from sep 2015 and i had driven it for 46000. i never had issue with amt wile driving in 'ghat' area. The Celerio has a better design and comes fully loaded with features. O find it more fun at high speed on highway. Celerio has both Automatic and Manual transmission and If you have 5lakh rupees to spend please go ahead with Zxi AMT, this is the best variant available with almost all the good feature and the comfort of Automatic. The tyres are tubeless though, Both are same and i recommend AMT, since you feel same drive like manual in AMT manual option , i have used K10 and Now 1 year ZXI AMT the best mileage in city i got 17 kmpl, its good one , in highways i got 22Kmpl. Since there might be an issue with your gearbox and if not treated early this might cost you a lot later, in getting this replaced. Cost: Service cost after all the free services, they charge 4k (including1500/- for engine oil too)3. Suzuki Celerio GLX Price in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Birr 410,400 (US$10,800) . Although, you can get this all customized from outside. Hi, It totally depends on your driving style. All other variants of Celerio come with front and rear power windows. However, the Celerio X is a budget hatchback in its truest sense and the only other thing that’s different from the regular hatchback (other than the body cladding and the bumpers) is the higher ground clearance on offer which is ideal for most bad roads.

this is my 7th car and i have tasted different brands. Although, twice an year is recommended. After using this vehicle for four years+, I do not see any demerit, be it mileage or maintenance. Zxi amt is automated manual transmission also called Semi-Automatic Transmission or CMT Clutchless Manual Transmission and abs is anti-skid braking system used on land vehicles and aircraft. Maintenance cost is not that high in Celerio. I prefer celerio than Alto k10 there more better features in celerio. Choose a model year to begin narrowing down the correct tire size I would have, Nothing except year of manufacture and maybe resale value, NO, but can use Google Maps or HERE Maps for turn by turn Navigation (www******com), Amt has airbags ×2 and is not tested by me, The car already comes with 2 airbags from the company, Except power window, power stearing, electric OVRM, infotainment and ABS are not there. Suzuki Celerio. If you are looking to buy a car for city driving then Celerio top model will be very good which comes full loaded with all the features and is a steal in this price range. *As certified by Test Agency Under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989. Indeed, some might say the great-value Suzuki Celerio is a far more reliable choice than any service that runs on National Rail, plus you get to choose your own music and not have to … Thanks. In fact I found Celerio AMT more convenient for ramps and slopes because there's no manual clutch/manual gears to handle. Tata Tiago has a nice show but Celerio has service centres everywhere and has sufficient parts. Yeah ir would be celerios has a compact package with 3 cyl and suitable enough cooling systems, and amaze not just because a 4cyl engine but aesthetically was designed larger from the front. in this sound. Tiago is reported tobe better in build, safety qualities and mileage. Celerion is good car, even KWID is also god depends on your model choice KWID is little trendy, celerio is simple model, other side i can say one thing any way maruti cars are always ruff n tuff, you will get better resale value and at any place you will find garrage of maruti. If possible, please check your alignment every 5000 kms and balancing every 10,000Kms or whenever your car servicing is due, whichever is earlier. Most ste CNGs so lack boot.But for one or two it is enough.pros -low engine nice,good a/crystal clear glasses,good leg space.cons-poor plastictaxi celerio lack safety features.At least they could have given central locking.No stereo. Yes its standard from lower variant lxi itself abs and ebd..with driver side airbags. The top variant of Celerio is powered by the 1.0L CVT a 998 cc, 3 cylinder Gasoline engine that fires 67 hp of power and 90 Nm torque. Yes, the ZXI and ZXI Optional variant of Maruti Celerio comes equipped with an integrated 2DIN Audio with Bluetooth, USB and Auxiliary input. Also, if you look to buy an automatic car in this price range then Celerio is the best. overall a very good car, Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Compare & Save Big* on Family Health Insurance, Find Best deals on Second Hand Cars in Delhi. Check the Most updated Price of Suzuki Celerio GLX Price in Ethiopia and detail Specifications, features and compare Suzuki Celerio GLX Prices Features and Detail Specs with upto 3 Products I am driving in both City and Highway almost equally every month. Celerio has very good mileage even city between 13-17 depending on driving and traffic. Yes, Obviously . Many r thre.And it mstly depend on ur specifications. Coming to the cabin space,grand i10 is more spacious than celerio specially for the rear occupants & also boot space for weekend drives with family. But in CNG the mileage in city is 22-25 and on highway its around 26-30(speed must be in between 80-100). cng lacks power.,but better than i10and Xents which is not factory fitted.overall good for daily commute ,not many issues,with full tank CNGit can run 300kms!can change to petrol mode on the go.I have been on one diesel which ran 80000 (discontinued now)in excellent condition.Service-matuti nowadays ignores customers ad their volume is so high,oops.Thanks. You see you drive in early morning start around 5am to 8 am again halt for half an hour and start drive up to 11..if it's very hot then do not drive again you start after 4pm to 9 PM or 10 u can go comfortably. No, Celerio doesn't come in Black color. Hi, the only advantage Celerio has over i10 is the cost. Celerio zxi is the most popular ..good for city riding.. poor canbin quality ..needs more rev to get into its power...but great mileage.. tiago if you like Tata is ahead with safety and built quality. Sir if I will choose vehicles then only maruti company is the best and reliable according to my use and experience then tata vehicle. Maruti Celerio is currently available in Petrol and CNG engines. I own Zxi AMT version and it comes fully loaded with features. Yes. S Press better among Celerio.. grand i10 nios better among santro. engines are same but option is yours. No not at all. It comes with ABS and airbags for both driver and passenger. Celerio has the best AMT in this price range and it's pretty great to drive in City. Better in Celerio compated to opd Wagon r, Celerio Zxi optional is a great car and comes fully loaded with features in this price range. Before buying I have made enquiries a lot with many, most of them advised maruthi cars for their best service and resale value, choice is ours as to which variant suitable for budget. It has both Manual and Automatic transmission. Although, I would suggest you can go to local mechanics for some quick fixes. i own a AMT for 5 years and have spend much more. Thanks, Hi, It lacks power. Hi, Celerio Zxi AMT optional comes fully loaded with all the features you are looking for. Cng really gives above 30kmperlitreif you fully fill a tank ...400rs it will run for 250plus10km in high range!!! I suggest you get it checked from the authorized Maruti service center. According to me its better alternative than Wangon-r in all aspects. This compact and stylish car is perfect for the budget conscious. Yes it is value for money.I have a VXI , AMT and it is very comfortable and ease to drive and dependable too. Grand i10 is a little expensive compared to Celerio. Comfortable: Comfortable for 4 heavy people. Whenever this happens, the entire clutch assembly needs to be replaced. I recently changed all 4 tires and hence my question.Thank you anyways for taking the time to answer my question.Regards. As it will be cheap and choice can be made easily. Celerio is a huge hit in Mumbai, bookings are held up for two-three months before the vehicle is available. Due to the on-going COVID19 situation, we are putting the health and well-being of our employees and customers above everything else. Nothing to say it's a budget car. First of all dont go for AMT Models in these low cost vehicles...... Celerio is a good buy in this budget. I am using automatic and it is really a great car in this price range. The 998 cc CNG engine generates a power of 58.33bhp@6000rpm and a torque of 78Nm@3500rpm. Celerio is available with Automatic transmission. Take a look here. The car features Driver Airbag as standard in every variant, Anti-lock Braking System for better control, front seat belts pre-tensioner and force limiter and a host of other features.The car is now also Pedestrian, Offset and Side Impact Safety Compliant. We would urge you to practice social distancing, stay at home, and follow the Government’s directives to help contain the spread. Only problem I face with the car is its build quality since the outer body seems to look more damaged then the harm it has taken. I am not giving advice to change,it will coat you and I think manual is simply best. Regular as he 8s usef to it. I own Celerio vxi manual and get mileage of 13 to 17 in city depending on traffic. and the drive is butter smooth.4. 25,380 as mentioned is fake and wrong . Celerio better then i10 not more expensive, Hi, not sure about tata tiago but celerio has good interior spacing and comfortable for short journies. Celerio comes with k series engine that mean aluminum alloy engine that make engine heat efficient so its will not get affected by 46℃...since ur drive is so high just check coolent and oil before going. If we talk about Suzuki Celerio engine specs then the Petrol engine displacement is 998 cc. On the other hand, WagonR is tried and tested for generations. You will have to pay substantially more for them. Maintenance also low, Not sure, why you think this car has low average. drive car) after purchasing my santro and still felt that difference (smoothness of engine). Your Air filter change should be every 8000-10000 Kms or the servicing cucle, whichever comes first. Suzuki Celerio 1.0 GL Specs (2014 - ) Technical Specifications. Had to shift down gears or to reduce the AC to get the speed for that moment . The cars you have short listed comes with a price difference of about 70k with the variants you have mentioned. On the hind side, WagonR does look a little bigger in terms of sitting and ground clearance compared to Celerio. Yes. Thanks. Thanks. If you are driving in trafic area then also its ok...i am gettin 17 on highway, Visit the nearest authorized service center, I think for wagon r you should get 2.4 lac to 2.75..and celerio emu could be 8000-8250 for 60 month, Check with cars24 / OLX / Care trade, etc, Exactly , the person driving anyone upto 6.2ft can be real fit in driving the car, as this has more leg room for the driver to the above mentioned, anyone who is above 6.2 will struggle, as i know my height, its so awesome, and this is my suggestion. Go for celerio..automatic you mean..dont hate manual ..both good...alto k10 for short people ..but all get used to celerio.see new alto 800..its better now.

Brambleton Elementary School, Gold Marucci Cat 8, Presa Canario Vs Cane Corso, Monstera Species List, Where Does The Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Live,